User Registration

FOR INDIVIDUALS: To complete this online form you are required to upload a photo ID. If you prefer, you can register in person at the Department of Customs and bring your ID with you.
FOR BUSINESSES: User registration for businesses should be done by the main account manager whose contact details will be needed during the registration process. This person will have administrator privileges in the system. Additional users can be assigned to a company once the registration process complete. This is a one-time user registration process for all individuals and businesses seeking to bring goods or documents in and out of The Bahamas. Registration on the system will ensure the safe and speedy clearance of goods through The Bahamas Department of Customs. For tutorials and other helpful tools,click here
User Details
Note: For businesses, contact details should be provided for the main account manager who will have administrator privileges in the system, and receive direct communications from Customs.

For Individuals (Resident): Photo of NIB Smart Card
For Individuals (Non-Resident): Photo of Passport (Photo Page) or Driver's Licence
For All Businesses: Copy of Business Licence.(Customs clearance processing businesses require additional documents. See below.)
Where Applicable: Copy of Brokers Licence, Copy of Courier Licence, Copy of Customs Bond All documents uploaded into the system must be current.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Users have the option to presents their required documents in person at the Customs Headquarters in Nassau or any Customs location in the Family Islands.

For assistance with user registration use the following contacts.
Hotline: 604-3011/12, 604-3076, 604-3157
Help Desk: IT Department, Customs Headquarters, University Drive